Alleo – Partners for your smile


Hello, this is ALLEO, your new partner for a brighter smile!
It is a system of transparent aligners that will discreetly guide your teeth to their new position every day, following a specially designed treatment plan just for you.
Because a well-aligned smile is a noticeable detail, always!


We care about the entire mouth.

ALLEO is made with the best industrial technologies, but we commit to manually round the edges of each aligners to make the treatment comfortable and pleasant

You have something between your teeth

Not me!
ALLEO is completely removable, so you can take it off during your breaks and snacks, avoiding food from getting trapped

Not visible, but it’s there

Thanks to its thin and completely transparent material, only the progress of your smile will be noticeable.

Brilliant and shining!

You will be able to continue brushing your teeth and flossing as you always have. To clean the aligners, you can simply use the sanitizing spray that your dentist will provide you at the beginning of the treatment.

A name,
a reason!

Thanks to its features, ALLEO has been created to be the perfect ally for your smile, in every situation.

However, its name also has a hidden meaning: it originates from the words Aligner and Leone Spa, one of the most important manufacturers of dental care materials and solutions that, since 1934, has been chosen by the best dentists to correct millions of smiles worldwide