How it works – Alleo

How it works


Book a visit with an ALLEO dentist for a professional and attentive evaluation of your smile. Starting from your dental impressions, we will work together with your dentist to design the movements your teeth will make week by week, and you will be shown a preview of them through our ALLEO 3D View visualizer.

Spoiler: it’s a truly exciting moment!


Put on your first aligner and start your treatment. To care for your smile and manage ALLEO easily, always carry with you the essentials you’ll find in our free Smile Box!


Each aligner must be changed after about 2 weeks, and upon delivery of the new set, the dentist will check the progress made. Already in the first weeks, your teeth will assume a new position!


Once the treatment is over, the dentist will find the most suitable solution for you to maintain your smile intact and aligned!

Smile Box!

It’s a kit with some useful accessories to help you with the daily management of your aligners, which will be delivered to you by the dentist at the beginning of the treatment.

Here is what you will find inside

Hey! Remember that aligners are an effective orthodontic treatment but a lot depends on your dedication!
For optimal results, you’ll need to wear them all day except for meal breaks.